French braid table runner

french braid table runner

When I asked my sister for fabric for Christmas, I really didn’t know to expect. I wanted to try some different patterns and create some easy projects. She gave me two jelly rolls. After opening this one, and seeing how perfect it matched my kitchen, I scoured the internet for a table runner.  I decided on a a variation of a french braid.

Most french braids have pointed ends, and have a diamond in the middle. Here’s a tutorial from Jenny Doan at the Missouri Quilt Company if you want to follow that idea. I wanted a rectangle. And, because I only had jelly rolls, it would be difficult for me to make the large diamond in the middle. I made my own version.

I started sewing pieces together, using the light 2 inch square in the center. If I had followed the tutorial, I probably would have been more efficient with my fabric. As you can see, I ended up with longer and longer pieces. I started using shorter pieces to preserve fabric, but then I was concerned the table runner wouldn’t be wide enough.

IMG_3198Once I measured my table, and a table runner I already had, I settled on my width and length and squared it up. I used the leftovers to make a simple backing, and pieced together enough light pieces to make the binding, which I machine sewed.

IMG_3357On to the quilting. I had taken Crafty’s Creative Quilting with Your Walking Foot (This class is my all time favorite so far – Jacquie Gering is an excellent teacher.) One of the more fancy stitches she recommends is the serpentine stitch. At first I thought I would do it both ways, crossing at the middle. But after finishing this table runner, I had enough. Straight line quilting is a bit tedious. And, even though she makes it look easy, believe me, it is not.

IMG_0271While I can see all the mistakes -the stitches are uneven, and a bit wobbly, – I think the overall look of the table runner is very consistent. And I love the contrast between the thread and the fabric.

This table runner is proudly displayed on my kitchen table. How do you like it?

french braid table runnerNext I’ll share what I did with the leftover scraps.

43 thoughts on “French braid table runner

  1. I love the rich colors and the sharp contrast with the light squares. This is absolutely beautiful! I like it better than the table runner with the eight inch square in the center. I have a collection of batiks that would be perfect for this so I do plan to make one myself. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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  2. I really love your French Braid tablerunner , your fabric choices are perfect. As I see time has passed I can only imagine what great projects you have done since.

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    1. I used a stitch on my machine and a walking foot. Can you let me know how you saw my table runner? Was is on pinterest? Thanks for liking it!


  3. Beautiful!! I agree with Karen’s comment, step back and enjoy the beauty of the runner and don’t look for mistakes! The colors are stunning! You will enjoy using this for many years! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Absolutely gorgeous!! Love you fall colors, my favorite. The quilting is very nice! I need to try that one on my next runner. Thank you for sharing your beautiful runner! 💞


  5. How do you know how much to cut off? I have a table runner that has all those odd ends on it and I cannot figure out how to cut it off?


  6. Hi. Love the colors! May I suggest you look at the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s tutorial on how to make a table runner from precut strips using the binding tool! The advantage of using the tool is that there is absolutely no waste and nothing to trim because the diagona end of the cut you make becomes the side edge of your runner. Simply extend the length at the straight end to make the strips the length you want. I made one using the tool and it turned out great! With a border, mine was wide enough without measuring extra length before cutting. Have fun!


  7. Hi! This pattern is a good one for “quilt-as-you-go” which would not require quilting on the top. Simply sew your strips directly onto your batting (and backing fabric if you want to). Then you only have to attach the binding strips. OR you can always use the “turn inside out” method which would not require binding. Best wishes!


  8. I was looking on Pinterest for ideas for a Christmas table runner when I found your French braid runner. Your color layout is lovely! Well done!


  9. I really love it. I am just can’t wrap my head around how your made it a rectangle instead of a point since that is what it becomes. How much did you have to cut off?


  10. It is beautiful I would like to make that for my table I’ve been thinking of what pattern to use that is great I hope it will be ok if I use this pattern thx Cindy from Colorado


  11. Absolutely loved this table runner, the colors you used and the rectangle shape. I’m a beginner, a real beginner and would love to make this for my daughter. I’m not sure how to get started without the middle square. Is there any way you could tell us how to get started. Thanks so much


    1. I made this a long time ago when I was a beginner. I would suggest you google a little more. I started with a 2.5 inch square in the middle, I think, and just winged it. Don’t be afraid to try and make mistakes. It’s the only way you’ll learn.


  12. Your table runner is absolutely stunning! Sometimes the imperfections that we see in our work is what makes it so totally unique. Your quilting is beautiful imperfections and all 🙂 !!!!!


  13. This runner is stunning! I’ve been looking for one to make, and this one is perfect for me! The colors are stunning, and I’d never have thought of buying jelly rolls for this, but it makes perfect sense. Thank you for generously sharing!


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